Blog: Voting in Sleepy Karen


Blog: Voting in Sleepy Karen

0645 hrs: the streets of Karen look abandoned. Roads are quiet and deserted with one or two matatus and tuk-tuks seen. As I approach Karen C polling station, many cars are parked on the roadside beside the school. 


0719 hrs: there are barely people at the polling station. Those here are orderly and quiet. Policemen are urging everyone to queue quietly and vote wisely. 


0726 hrs:  as people stream in to vote, chatter increases and the clerk urges everyone to remain silent and be orderly.  


0731 hrs:  so far three people were rejected by the biometrics. Their pictures were identified but their fingerprints were not recognized. The Presiding officer took responsibility of the matter. Filled in their forms and validated them to vote. They anticipate more of those challenges as the day progresses. 


0736 hrs:  simmering frustrations as the voters on the line speculate that people who have observers badges aren’t actual observers. 




Voter 1:Wakenya! kila opportunity lazima ukuwe tu corrupt


Voter 2: Ata line si refu. We are our own worst enemy


0909 hrs: Police officers at Uhuru Gardens are hesitant to allow journalists to take pictures.


Two officers tell me they fear negative stories about their work. Ati media imewachapa vibaya!


Si wewe ndio shida, ni watu wenu madam“, one tells me.


1116 hrs:  While Raila cast his vote in Kibra at 10.51am, William Ruto cast his vote early, arriving two minutes before the polls opened.


1726 hrs: St. Georges Primary

IEBC officials declare polling station 2 officially closed.


1738 hrs: Agents are recording the serial numbers of ballot paper booklets.


Next up, they seal the boxes. Once the centre is closed, they will unseal them and start the count.


1748 hrs: Jamhuri Primary polling centre

Out of 656 registered voters, only 380 voters cast their vote today: The centre’s presiding officer confirms.


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