Man In A Hurry


Man In A Hurry

Is Alfred Mutua for Real or Is It Hocus-Pocus?

By Isaac Otidi Amuke

If Dr. Alfred Mutua was to reincarnate after this lifetime, he’d probably come back as an American since he holds few things dear like he does the American dream, embellished with Australian and United Arab Emirates sensibilities. For the Machakos governor, not only is anything possible, but when that particular anything is made to happen, it should be made to happen with as much pomp and colour. It is a fast world mentality, Mutua posits, where things move fast. And now he feels Kenya, just like Machakos, needs to play catch up by moving chap chap to level up to the West. It is why he built the largest office block occupied by a Kenyan governor, and why he isn’t modest about it, like when President Uhuru Kenyatta visited the property, looked around and asked, ‘‘Is there another like this in Kenya?’’ And Mutua answered, ‘‘Yes, at State House.’’ Mutua may not want to build a new State House, but were he to become President, his mantra is simple. Nothing waits. Everything has to move chap chap, like in America and Dubai.


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