Tracking the 13th Parliament


Tracking the 13th Parliament

Aside from giving Kenya its 5th President and ushering in the third cohort of 47 County Governors and Members of County Assembly (1,450 elected and 772 nominated), the 2022 general election will similarly pave the way for the coming into being of Kenya’s 13th bicameral Parliament, made up of the Senate (comprising 47 elected and 20 nominated members) and the National Assembly (consisting of 290 elected members from constituencies, 47 Women Representatives and 12 nominated members). As election results continue to be tallied and announced at the constituency level, below is a representation of the numbers and how the new National Assembly and Senate will look.


Functions of the National Assembly 

  • To enact legislation and play watchdog over the Executive.
  • To represent constituents and people of special interests.
  • To determine the allocation and appropriation of national revenue between the levels of government.


Functions of the Senate

  • To consider, debate and approve Bills concerning County Governments.
  • To determine and oversee the allocation of national revenue to County Governments.
  • To investigate and resolve allegations for impeachment of the President, Deputy President and Governors.


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