Public Square

Left in my own private world, temporarily relieved of my everyday encumbrances...naked, frightening, thrilling.
As I write this, protesters in Nairobi are being tear gassed and arrested by police for demanding that the much-loathed Finance Bill 2023 be shelved as it will bring unbearable misery to millions of Kenyans and sink hundreds of thousands into poverty. Contrary to his pre-election promises to bring t



Pop Culture

For a brief moment in 2003, my favourite musician, E-Sir, would come back from the dead. It had been a few months since …
I “Wahenga walidedi, wakaacha watoi. Watoi hao hawangeitwa wahenga, so wakaitwa wagenge.” — Bon’Eye, 2008 https:/…
One of the best depictions of Muslim women I’ve come across in the media is the show “We Are Lady Parts” by Nida Manzoor…
If there ever was a film that was truly a labour of love it would be “Loving Vincent”. A biographical drama about the li…
1 My mother’s answer leaves me disappointed when I ask her about the musician whose cassettes we listened to every Sa…
The Breakfast Club. Murder on the Orient Express. Speed. I’ve always loved bottle movies - those that take place in one …

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Few things elicit sharp reactions like discussing a woman’s body and what she can or cannot do with it. From how a woman wears her hair to how she does her toenails, to how they walk, sit, stand, eat, talk, laugh, to who they love and how they choose to do so, there’s always something someone has to